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Why Little’s Learning Safari?

Little’s Learning Safari is a registered home daycare.  This means it’s family style daycare with a limited ratio and less overwhelming than a regular daycare center.  This could be a valuable resource for those children who have never attended daycare before.

Little’s Learning Safari is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am-6:00pm.  Hours are contracted hours of care so that I can plan appointments for my family and children around pick up times thus reducing the need to take days off.

No child may spend any longer than 11 hours a day in childcare.

Parent Perks

You work hard.  You deserve some rewards.  Parent Perks are provided as a courtesy to you.  When you enroll your littles at Little’s Learning Safari some of the perks provided to you are:

  • $20 sibling discount for the second and third child
  • 15% for all CFISD employees
  • Coffee bar at the front door
  • Student portraits three times a year: Spring/Summer, Fall, & Christmas
  • Daycare & Curriculum Newsletter
  • Elementary school drop off & pick up (Postma & Andre Elementary only)
  • Parent’s Night Out events (about 3-6 a year)
  • Parent Coupons provided by early childhood vendors

Parent Perks are subject to change at anytime without notice.

18 months – 36 months

Full Time (Monday – Friday)

Part Time (3 days a week or less)

Little Learners
3 years – 5 years
Not Registered in School

Full Time (Monday – Friday)

Part Time (3 days a week or less)

Backyard Explorer
5 years – 12 years
Registered Full Time in School

Full Time (Monday – Friday)
Before & After School Care

Part Time (Monday – Friday)
Before OR After School Care

Tight bonds are formed between the daycare child’s family and the provider’s family.

When choosing a home daycare, you and your provider form a tight bond.  You will often see their husband and children having access to their home five days a week.  You see them in their element and who they are with their own families.  You don’t often get this type of relationship in a center.

Home daycares can be less overwhelming.

Daycare centers are not bad but for some they can be overwhelming.  Larger group numbers can often not only overwhelm a parent, but a small child.  This especially holds true if the child has never been enrolled in a daycare program.  A home daycare offers a less overwhelming alternative with a family home setting.

Smaller group size and multiple ages encourage learning.

Home daycare providers offer a smaller ratio with more of a home style setting.  Your child will be one of only a small handful enrolled at Little’s Learning Safari.  Children will get more individualized care.  With a variety of ages, your child will learn to play with children of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles.