The following holidays Little's Learning Safari will be closed.  Please be sure to have backup care arranged for these days.  If the holiday falls on a weekend the Friday before or the Monday after may be reserved for the holiday.
  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving and the Friday after
  • Christmas Day
Every effort is made not to have sick days.  In the event, I am ill, a back up provider will be provided if available.  In the event my children are sick, the daycare will remain open and my children will quarantined unless said illness requires a hospital stay.   I will take up to two weeks vacation a year.  One week is paid vacation, the other 5 days are at my expense.  These days may or may not be used consecutively.  A 30 day notice will be given for scheduled vacation.
Children who become ill while in care will be quarantined and parents will be called for pick up.  In the event I can not reach a parent for pick up, I will begin going down the list of emergency contacts.  Sick children must be picked up within the hour. Reasons your child may be sent home (illness is not limited to just this list):
  • Fever of 100+ degrees
  • Green colored mucus when sneezing or coughing
  • Pink Eye
  • Lice
  • Vomiting
  • Loose stools that can not be contained in a diaper (this includes if the child is teething)
  • Rash- red, swollen, and/or hot to the touch
It is my responsibility to keep our daycare well.  Every child's well being is my concern when one child becomes ill.  Your child must be fever free for 24 hours from the last dose of medication prior to returning.  If your child was sent home sick, please do not medicate them and attempt to send them back the next day.  They will not be permitted in the daycare home.  If your child becomes ill while at home, please do not send them to the daycare home the next day as they are likely still contagious. If your child was sent home with illness other than fever, your child must stay home until all symptoms are no longer present.  A doctor's note stating child is no longer contagious will be accepting in lieu of the waiting period.


No.  I am currently enrolled on the CACFP Food Program through Southwest Human Development.  This means meals will be provided to your at no additional cost.  You will be required to sign an enrollment form when registering your child.  Meals currently provided are breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.
When it comes to your child's birthday, you and I will work closely at planning a day for your child to feel special.  Store bought cupcakes are allowed, but be sure to check for a head count prior to purchasing them as we are a smaller group.
No.  On the food program all children in the center must eat the same thing unless a food allergy requires substitution.  Please do not drop your child off with food from outside the daycare home or you will be required to sit with your child outside the daycare home until all food/treats have been consumed.
No.  If you're child misses any meal serving time they will not be fed until the next meal time.  Please be sure to feed your child the missed meal prior to drop off.